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Go to work tomorrow as an IBEW Local 300 Electrician. 


IBEW members enjoy competitive wages and great benefits. Members vote on important business affecting their workplace, are involved in community events, donate to charitable causes, attend educational seminars, build a healthy retirement, and maybe travel. Of course, becoming a member means that you are part of the organization that helped build our communities and fought hard to set minimum standards for many of the benefits we enjoy today.

The IBEW and its members make sure the electrical labor market is not on a race to the bottom – with employers paying less and less in order to secure more work.

As a member, you show a level of support for adequate pay and benefits for all electrical workers in the industry, in turn raising the standard for all electrical contractors.  As an electrician you work hard, and deserve a level of compensation that allows for a comfortable and secure life.

The larger the membership, the more power the workers have to make sustainable changes for the industry in Vermont.


We look forward to putting you to work!

Call 802-864-5864 or email info@ibewlocal300.org for more information